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10 Biggest Presentation Design Trends in 2021

August 23, 2021
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10 Biggest Presentation Design Trends in 2021

When was the last time you gave a presentation in person? It probably feels like ages ago, right? Long gone are those times where you prepare a presentation to run in the background while you take center stage. Prepare for the roles to be shifted, thanks to the presentation trends in 2021.

It's no understatement that 2020 was a roller coaster ride. We welcomed a lot of changes, some willingly and some unwillingly. Now when thinking of presentations, what comes to mind? A slideshow running in the background, a presenter and an audience counting seconds till the end? Well, we left that in 2020! Today we talk about the top 10 presentation trends that we feel will outshine the conventional methods.

1. Say hello to Infographics

Infographics are a great way to present data in a quick, informative, visually pleasing way. They are as easy to understand as they are to explain. Since infographics are concise, they make complicated statistical data easy to comprehend. Customize infographics to suit your needs and agenda and make your presentation more fun!

Presentation Trends - Infographics

2. Gradients are making a comeback

So many trends from the 90s have made a comeback. And no, I am not just talking about fashion; design too has hopped on to this trend. Gradients are giving us major nostalgic vibes from 1995. Many big brands, like Instagram, have jumped the wagon to make use of attention-grabbing gradients.

Gradients are a gradual transition from one color to another. To another, if you're feeling it. Gradients blend so well that they give an overall pleasing look. Depending on your audience and the presentation, you can play around with colors and make them bold or subtle. Gradients can make your presentation pop up and keep the audience interested.

Presentation Trends - Gradients

3. Decluttering data

With the advent of technology, content is available in abundance. So to make sure that your audience stays with you throughout the presentation, ensure that you only include the most relevant data in your presentation.

Keep the presentation to the point, giving equal attention to all pointers you wish to cover. Dwelling on just one point might make your audience lose interest. And no one likes a zoned-out listener, right?

Presentation Trends - Declutter Data

4. Less text, more images

In continuation to the last point, show excessive text the door out. No one wants to squint their eyes to see what is written in the slides in a presentation. While informational presentations enjoyed their time, it's up now.

It's no news that visuals help understand anything better. As much as you want to include lengthy explanations in your presentations, don't. Compress the data to be presented as images, graphs, charts, etc. Along with being self-explanatory, visuals will also be scalable for other presentations.

Presentation Trends - Less is More

5. A presentation that needs no words - literally!

A presentation that needs no explanation and sparks up brainstorming is more productive and time-efficient, right? Aim for precisely this. When the way of working has taken a 180 turn, the way presentations are perceived also changed.

A presentation that follows all the points listed above on its own will need no explanations.

Presentation Trends - Crisp Presentation

6. Social media decks

Now, you just solved another hurdle if you can make presentations that do not need an orator on every slide. Many adopt the 4:4 aspect ratio for their slides as they are easily shareable across social media in carousel format or microblogs. This saves you time as you have scalable content ready.

Presentation Trends - Social Media Decks

7. The right amount of animations

Animation is another great way to increase retention and explain data/information more fun and engagingly. However, be careful where to use them since overdoing these might take the audience wholly off-topic and prove to be a distraction.

Presentation Trends - Animation

8. Minimalistic fonts and calm colors

No more over-the-top, funky presentations made to look like a 90s party poster. Minimalistic fonts and subtle colors are making their way back. As long as the data is presented in a comprehendible manner, you don't have to use big fonts or crazy colors in your presentation. The minimalistic approach is paving its way back, and it looks like it's here to stay!

Presentation Trends - Minimal Fonts

9. Nature-inspired design

Nature has been a great source of creative inspiration. Due to its subtle colors and calming effect, 2021 brings back nature-inspired presentation designs. These designs add to the previous point of using calm colors and minimal fonts.

Presentation Trends - Nature Design

10. 3D design

The 3D design is not exactly new, but the design has been evolving incessantly. Thanks to the recent developments in design, 3D effects are widely used in presentations due to the extra jazz and fun element they add.

Presentation Trends - 3D Design

These are the top 10 presentation trends we anticipate are here to stay in 2021. If you need to start making a presentation of your own, start your journey to learn Presentation Design here The course talks about the elements, the ingredients that make up a successful presentation.

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10 Biggest Presentation Design Trends in 2021
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