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7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

September 20, 2021
Graphic Design
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7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

With limited socialization and no traveling, we have been limited to our homes for quite some time now. No wonder that we run to the internet for almost everything. Our routines have changed massively, buying groceries, watching a movie, or just killing time on social media. Due to the same reason, brands now realize how important it is to hold the user's attention when the competition is cutthroat. This is why we have seen a significant shift in how brands communicate with their audience, be it a post on social media or the graphic design trends they use on the website.

Amidst the madness going around, we turn to the internet for comfort, which brands also prioritize while choosing a design. So if you are looking for some inspiration on what graphic design styles to use in 2021, we have it covered for you.

Listed below are 7 graphic design styles you can expect to see in 2021.

1. Muted color tones

Muted colors are nothing more than original colors with low saturation and have been made subtle. They have their edge taken off of them or have been dulled. One good thing with muted color tones is that they blend well with any text - be it of a lighter color or dark.

Gone are the times where having loud banners attracted more users. Especially after all the negative and loud messages we have received so far, users now prefer a minimalistic design that invokes a sense of calm and is to the point. So get ready for graphic designs that have subtle colors.

Graphic Design Trends: Muted color tones

2. Simple data visualization

With the plethora of content available all around, no one wants to read every little detail. This is where another graphic design trend will rear its head. Data visualization has been around for some time and was used way more recently due to the remote work culture.

Content that can be shown as graphs, charts, images, etc., will be preferred over plain text. Not surprising that heavy data can sometimes feel boring, so visual data would put the point across while engaging. Data visualization is another graphic design trend that we will see a lot more of.

Graphic Design Trends: Simple data visualization

3. Social media slide decks

Social media slide decks are a great way to share information across social platforms in a way that doesn't feel too overwhelming. Brands have a chance to get creative with these types of posts and engage the audience at a higher level.

Latest LinkedIn and Instagram algorithms have been seen to value carousel content more than standalone posts. Another advantage of carousel content is that it is scalable across platforms apart from social media, like microblogs, presentations, etc.

Graphic Design Trends: Social media slide decks

4. Text-heavy videos

Since the remote work culture is here to stay, video production has been impacted majorly. Shooting a video during such uncertain times can be a challenging task, especially with a small team. So to overcome this, brands have been relying on text-heavy videos, using graphics and animations to get the message across.

Video consumption has gone up in the past, so this is one form of content that brands leverage on a day-to-day basis. Text-heavy videos are engaging if done right. So we expect this graphic design trend to continue even past 2021.

Graphic Design Trends: Text heavy videos

5. Geometry over abstract

If you recall some graphic design trends from last year, you might remember there was a lot of abstract design going on. This trend ruled for some time but has been replaced with rigid geometric shapes rather than abstract.

Apart from giving more structure and consistency to design, geometric shapes are also easy to create and are scalable. The combination of muted colors and rigid geometric shapes can make the design more visually pleasing and eye-catchy. Many brands like Zendesk, Rivet have made use of this to add more consistency and brand recall.

Graphic Design Trends: Geometry over abstract

6. Glassmorphism

If you have followed design trends this year, this graphic design trend will not be new to you. Glassmorphism is a UI technique where the background button or frames look like glass by blurring the elements behind them. If executed correctly, this design aesthetic gives a very sleek and modern look.

With excessive use of this graphic design trend, or without proper consideration, users can find this UI design confusing. iOS7 first popularized it, but it is making its way back in 2021.

Graphic Design Trends: Glassmorphism

7. 3D Design

The 3D design is not something that we can call new; it's been around for now. But the advancements made in 3D are remarkable. With so many new possibilities to execute 3D design like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, designers are upping their game.

Be it 3D emoji design or a real-like human simulation, 3D is going to skyrocket in terms of innovation in 2021.

Graphic Design Trends: 3D design

These are the top 7 Graphic Design trends that we expect to see more of in 2021 and through. What other trends do you think have been around and are making a comeback in 2021?

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7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021
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