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Are you Paying Enough Attention to Service Design?

March 14, 2022
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Are you Paying Enough Attention to Service Design?

Since childhood, we have been taught that a business either operates for selling its products or its services. However, most of us are unaware of what goes behind these terms, given how dynamically these terms have adapted to the times. Additionally, it has been witnessed that most people are clueless about service-based business modeling and service design used to achieve the model. ‘How to design a service?’ is a question often asked by people willing to explore the industrial sector of services. With that said, here’s all you need to know about service design:

What is service design exactly?

All the activities involved in designing systems and the processes effectively involved around that system are known as Service Design. All activities are carried out to deliver an efficient, holistic and seamless service experience to the end-users.

Service designers typically find themselves typically studying carefully study every part of the process. Unlike UX Design, service design methods expand reach by affecting an entire ecosystem of devices. Most customers interact with these devices whenever they interact with a suite of apps published by a particular company. Therefore, this design finds itself lying at the intersection of UX and customer experience design. A company prepares this in the best interest of its customers with the help of principles.

Service Design principles


Elements of this design impact how a company and its products are perceived. Therefore, business owners always invite stakeholders to participate in the design process. The designing process is a cohesive activity that incorporates external and internal stakeholders as a part of the decision-making process.

Service Design Principles: Co-creative


Its methods are made efficient by segmenting the entire process into small pieces. This is done to optimize each task for designers and other people involved in the process.

Service Design Principles: Sequencing


Each service administered by a company has its reputation, and evidence accounts for that reputation. A company’s brand value and other tangibles are closely considered while building an end-user service experience.

Service Design Principles: Evidencing


A design process is efficient only when it covers the entire system, and therefore, this principle pitches coverage of all user touchpoints during the design process. Each aspect of communication is considered one of the essential elements of service design, and hence, an all-around optimization is prioritized.

Service Design Principles: Holistic


All methods and elements are geared towards end-users. Implementations done during the design process are done with the sole intention of making end-users happier. Design processes happen based on user feedback, making it a genuinely user-centric approach.

Service Design Principles: User-centered

That wraps up all that you need to know about this design discipline. These points highlight what Service Design is and how certain principles help curate better service experiences. If you wish to learn more about service design, check out its course on ProApp. It features exciting topics like areas, processes, ideas, and challenges, ensuring that you learn the essentials on the go. So, what are you waiting for?

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Are you Paying Enough Attention to Service Design?
Rajat Bagree
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