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Types of Designers - Which One Are You?

December 10, 2021
UX | UI Design
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Types of Designers - Which One Are You?

Most of the activities that we carry out in our everyday lives have some form of an object associated with them. We interact with these objects to complete some tasks or even achieve goals. These products are nothing but the outcome of the design. Different types of designers and design disciplines are responsible for developing other fields that we see around us today.

A passion for exploration and creativity, combined with a love for all things art and design, is what constitutes a person as a designer. Different types of designers work around different elements like colors, specifications, descriptions, needs, requirements, etc., to create unique, functionally, and visually appealing propositions. From calling cards to pamphlets; from Cars to Animated movies: Design is omnipresent. If the design is something you would like to explore, fret not! We are sharing a comprehensive list of different designers that serve various needs today. It outlines all you need to know about some of the most trending design disciplines.

Here’s a brief insight on some of the most popular types of designers today:

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the most recognized forms of visual communication. People who practice graphic design prepare things like box designs, illustrations, brand identity, and many more using visual elements. These elements are utilized to create a design while following various graphic design principles. This design discipline forms the basis of other popular designs like user interface design, product design, etc.

Graphic designers possess a skill set that combines a technical understanding with a creative mindset. Hence, most graphic designers often work with CorelDRAW, Photoshop, etc., to create informative or aesthetic artworks while following standard practices. Graphic designers follow an iterative methodology to improvise their designs based on feedback received from their clients.

Graphic Designer

2. Web Designer

As the name suggests, web designers are responsible for designs related to websites. Web designers typically learn web design principles and apply them to create highly appealing and user-friendly websites. They also have a creative flair like graphic designers, which they use to set information architecture, images, color palette, typography, and layouts across a project.

Most web designers have little knowledge about web development-related programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Having technical understanding is not necessary to be a web designer, but it helps a designer communicate ideas effectively to web developers to implement a design. Once websites are prepared, they are also involved in the testing procedures to ensure they are accessible across multiple devices and follow standard compliance guidelines. As web technology evolved, web designers have often found their skillset overlapping with UI, UX, and interaction designers.

Web Designer

3. Animator

People who practice the art of motion graphics to bring static designs to life are known as animators. They use their storytelling skills to produce engaging content. Animators primarily work on media like images and videos. Once processed, work done by animators is put to use in multiple areas like advertisements, television, video games, websites, and digital media.

Movie sequences and animated cartoon movies best represent the kind of work done by animators. Work done by an animation can be multi-dimensional or mono-dimensional, depending on the project's requirements. Movies like Luca, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles best represent the kind of work one can expect to come from animators. Learning Animation can be confusing, given the complexities and technicalities involved in implementing animations.


4. UX Designer

User Experience Designers, also known as UX Designers, are responsible for shaping products that we use. This product can be anything, like a mobile app or a game controller. They primarily emphasize a product’s design based on insights gathered from user research. As a result, a product formed under the influence of UX design is likely to be better in terms of value, looks, utility, and usability.

For instance, a UX designer might help a small business boost its online conversions by fixing website issues like inadequate navigational flow, tiring forms, intrusive advertisements, and any other visual clutter preventing customers from purchasing. These issues are often addressed by collaborating with UI designers who work on implementing graphics and functional design of the website.

UX Designer

5. Fashion Designer

Fashion Design is considered to be one of the unique forms of design. In a typical setting, a fashion designer is responsible for designing a clothing line. Fashion designers study ongoing trends and preferences and utilize the insights to prepare designs. Designs prepared by them are either aimed at masses or special events. In any way, the work done by fashion designers contributes to the social and cultural development of society.

Fashion designers also make their choices when it comes to fabrics and colors. They either work in teams or solo based on their clients and projects.

Fashion Designer

Design is an exciting profession, and it not only overlaps and offers that much-needed freedom to excel by showing creativity. This article showcases some of the most trending design careers and types of designers today. Irrespective of a discipline, all designers aim to resolve human problems by bringing creative take to address concerns.

If you wish you embark on your design journey and pick a field, we have the right resources for you! You just need to take the first step, and we will help you accelerate!

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Types of Designers - Which One Are You?
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