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Designing a Winning Portfolio

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Designing a Winning Portfolio
Pascal Potvin

Designing a Winning Portfolio

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2023-04-15 14:30:00.000000 +00:00

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Pascal Potvin


Pascal helps designers sharpen their skills & propel their careers forward. He always aims to strike the best possible balance between honoring users, achieving business objectives, and delivering immersive branded products and experiences. Pascal's approach is to create usable, enjoyable, and memorable solutions. Detailed-oriented, he ensures each design appropriately targets each client's larger brand strategy and goals. Every project is approached intelligently, communicated creatively, and crafted with care. He believes in a robust collaborative, and transparent approach and prefers to lead by example and instruction with passion and curiosity. Pascal believes he has been lucky enough to work with world-class customers in diverse environments, which allowed him to acquire a robust and versatile skill set and solid work ethic. He has led, built, and mentored design teams in deadline-driven environments and cross-functional collaboration.

About this workshop

  • Why should you create a portfolio?
  • The basics of Portfolios
  • Problems you should avoid
  • Get inside your audience’s head
  • Falsehoods of portfolios
  • Our proven portfolio framework

Takeaway from Workshops

  • Learn the secrets that recruiters are looking for in candidates
  • Craft a stellar portfolio
  • Increase your recruiter responses
  • Boost your confidence
  • Learn to create a portfolio that stands out

Who can Attend


Who are kickstarting their career in Design.


Who are learning Design & working on their portfolios.

Working Professionals

Who are looking to make a career switch in Design.


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