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Growing your career in Product Design

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Growing your career in Product Design
Fahad Abbas

Growing your career in Product Design

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2023-05-27 14:30:00.000000 +00:00

Workshop shall be held on Zoom Live Webinar. Joining Details shall be shared with you after you register.

Fahad Abbas


Design is Fahad's life and passion, and he has been immersed in it for eight exciting years. During this time, he has worked with a diverse range of private firms and high-profile clients, including giants like WeWork and EIMAAR. As a unicorn designer, he has developed skills to tackle any challenge, bringing innovative and creative solutions to every project. Currently, as the leader of the design department at OrbisPay, a SaaS company in the US, Fahad manages design operations and oversees the creation of innovative fintech products.

About this workshop

  • Crafting the Future: Choosing Product Design as a Career
  • Designing Your Dream Career
  • Practical Knowledge: Debunking Common Myths in Product Design
  • Mastering Your Journey: Why Being a Jack of All Trades Can Benefit Your Career
  • Scaling Up: Navigating Horizontal and Vertical Growth in the Design Industry

Takeaway from Workshops

  • Understanding the career paths available in product design
  • Learning best practices for setting career goals, developing a portfolio and networking,
  • Gaining practical knowledge and debunking common myths
  • Understanding the benefits of being a versatile designer
  • Learning strategies for navigating different career growth paths in the design industry

Who can Attend


Who are kickstarting their career in Design.


Who are learning Design & working on their portfolios.

Working Professionals

Who are looking to make a career switch in Design.

Product Designers

Designers who are working closely with the Product owners.


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