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Leveling Up Your Skills through Passion Projects

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Leveling Up Your Skills through Passion Projects
Jan Janeczek

Leveling Up Your Skills through Passion Projects

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2023-03-25 14:30:00.000000 +00:00

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Jan Janeczek


Jan has been a product designer with 12+ years of experience, and in that time, he has worked with all sorts of clients. He helped small startups design their first product and worked with big companies on complex projects. His design philosophy is straightforward. No matter who the client is or the project, one thing always remains the same: it's all about understanding people. You have to figure out what they need and want, then create something that meets those needs and desires. Jan has been on an exciting journey, learning about different kinds of people and how to design for them. But it's also been a lot of fun, and he enjoys working with all other groups of clients.

About this workshop

  • Improving your skills and knowledge.
  • Making new connections.
  • Finding a new job.
  • Boosting your confidence.
  • Giving you a sense of purpose.
  • Helping you relax and destress.

Takeaway from Workshops

  • Methods
  • Tips
  • Framework
  • Links
  • Free templates

Who can Attend


Who are kickstarting their career in Design.


Who are learning Design & working on their portfolios.

Design Professionals

People who will be starting their Professional Career


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