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The Psychology behind Design

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The Psychology behind Design
Bikash Joshi

The Psychology behind Design

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2022-07-22 14:30:00.000000 +00:00

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Bikash Joshi


Bikash is a Designer turned Product Manager and is currently designated as UX Design Lead and Sr. Product Manager at Jio. After working for 8 years in the Design industry, he was given the opportunity to take up Product Management as an additional responsibility. Bikash believes that building a successful product requires a deep understanding of the Humans.

About this workshop

  • What really is Design?
  • Let's end the UI vs. UX Debate
  • Different Design Frameworks
  • The Human-centric Design Framework
  • The Psychology behind Design
  • 20 crucial things about Humans every Designer should know

Takeaway from Workshops

  • Understand the reality behind Design
  • Get Clarity on UI vs UX
  • Learn different frameworks
  • Understand basic Psychology

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Who are kickstarting their career in Design.

Design Professionals

People who will be starting their Professional Career

Working Professionals

Who are looking to make a career switch in Design.


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